Your Own Marketplace Update

Posted on: 2012-02-10
Your Own Marketplace Update
Con Wylie's Second Life Marketplace is a ready made marketplace where users can buy items from your website, just like Linden Labs marketplace. You can integrate the marketplace on your site. The marketplace uses LSL, PHP and MySQL.

When you buy this marketplace you will get FREE updates to all versions to come.
All PHP scripts are full perms, but LSL scripts are only Copy.

** Step-by-step on how it works for your users **

1: The user pays one of your inworld terminals and has a marketplace account created for them on your site.

2: The user logins with their Second Life username and the password sent to them via step 1.

3: The user browses your store and buys an item.

4: The amount of the item is taken from their marketplace account when the connection to the Second Life server has been made.
(their online balance is updated by paying the inworld terminal).

5: The item is then sent to their Second Life account and everyone is happy.

Here is a video of the marketplace working and intergrated into a website:

All demo's are here:

In the current marketplace version:
(some not in demo video)

User Levels
- Users now have levels 1-9, all users start at level 1. Admins are level 9 (Able to access the admin area)
Admin area
- Add new items
- Edit a item
- Manage user accounts (reset passwords)
- Check for updates
The main store
- Shows items in your store
- Shows item name, image, category and price
Item pages
- Shows all information about a item
User/Member Index
- Change password

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