Con Wylie's OpenSim Marketplace

Posted on: 2013-01-27
Con Wylie's OpenSim Marketplace
Con Wylie's Open Simulator Marketplace works just like the Second Life version.
-Users can create stores and list items online to sell.
-Owners get 10% of the sale (processing charge).
-Users can view their transactions online - showing them income/price, buyer/seller and time.
-Owners can customize the style, layout and fell of the marketplace however they wish.
-Users can upload one or more image(s) of their item(s).
-Owners can setup payment types (in-game money, or via their own script/way).
-Users can list any in-game item that can be sent to another avatar (objects, textures, landmarks, clothes, skins and more).

Visit for more information about the Marketplace for both Second Life and Open Simulator.